ResoTek Electrical Engineering Consulting Services: Research, Design, Simulation, Prototype, Debug, Build. Resolve your custom hardware, firmware, and software needs

ResoTek, Inc - Custom electronic design: hardware, firmware, software

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Electrical Engineering Consulting Services
Based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

On-site or off-site services at any stage of a project:

Engineering research services


Custom software, firmware, and hardware design services


Mathematical or algorithm modeling and simulation - Matlab and Mathcad


System prototype or proof of concept design and construction


Custom Printed Circuit Board Designs


System testing, debugging, and integration, on-site or off-site


Resotek has over 23 years of experience in software and hardware design and troubleshooting, including years of experience working on contracts for the Navy, NASA, DARPA, and others. If you need help designing or integrating electronics into your product, a proof-of-concept design, or a turn-key solution, then send an email to the link below.

Specializing in:

Engineering Services:

Dockside and at-sea testing facilities available

Email for the design of custom electronic circuits, firmware, and software